Many people who undergo major surgeries

strokes, joint replacement may be fit

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There will be a constant interaction with nurses,

physicians who will be monitoring your progress,

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Short-Term Rehabs: What You Need To Know

Experts on rehabilitation and physicians.

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What's in For You

We are completely committed to providing you the best care- short-term or long-term. We aim to enhance the quality of your life whether it is after a surgery requiring a short stay at our center or continued guidance, care and help to require long and extended care. We are committed to providing you with the best care and we know that what differentiates us from the others is our attention to details. We make sure that the tiniest and smallest things are taken care of so you feel at home and concentrate on getting well.

We have a qualified group of professionals who can help you recover from the worst illnesses, surgeries or injuries. Their combined experience exceeds any that you may have seen in any other center and we promise our best services here. We provide 24- hours skilled services of our nurses. All of them are well-trained and can handle any situation with care, kindness, and knowledge. We have rehabilitative therapies relating to physical, occupational and vocational. These are available all seven days of the week and we will ensure you are scheduled according to your convenient times.

Once you are with us, we have a range of amenities to help you settle down. We have nutritious meals served by efficient cooks who in conjunction with the nutritionists give you the best and what is required for your condition. We use several different therapies to help you heal and you can choose from any of the alternative therapies we offer. You will be guided through the process by our therapists and physicians who can advise you on the best course. Our facilities are equipped with the best amenities such as air conditioning, dining rooms, dayrooms, well-stocked libraries, playrooms, swimming pools and so on. Our rooms are spacious with large windows opening into wide open spaces and gardens.


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What you can expect:

While this is close to being in a hospital, the goal is to help you return to your normal life and that can be accomplished only when the setting is a little more relaxed than that of a hospital. So, your experience will completely depend upon what your goal is for the stay.

Why Do You Need this?

Many people who undergo major surgeries, strokes, joint replacement may be fit to be discharged from the hospital but may be unable to do everything that was part of their routine earlier. In order that they return to their earlier form and health, some amount of extra effort is required and that is accomplished here in a short-term rehab center.

Short Term Rehabs

Short-term rehabs are great when it comes to providing the right treatment for those who are struggling to recover completely from injuries, illnesses or surgeries. Knowing what you are getting into will help you to make the right decisions regarding the same.

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